Monday, June 1, 2009

Derty Sesh - Isolated City EP

Derty Sesh - Isolated City EP
1. Intro/Who Is Derty Sesh?
2. Get My Album
3. Just Move
4. I Want You [Demo]
5. Im Crazy6. Im Sick*
7. Get The Fuck Back ft. Full Eclipse
8. Jordan Freestyle/Check Some Beat's (Skit)
9. Break It Down ft. Pakkz
10. Outro/Album Teaser 2
Artist: Derty Sesh
Label: Sesh-N Rekordz
File Size: 27MB
Album Length: 29.33
There are alot of people out there that still have No Idea who I am,nore care for that matter...
So, I thought i'd release something to give everyone that answer "Isolated City"
These track's are just a collection of song's i've recorded over the time period of 2007 - 2009 (Obviuosly There Are Alot Lot More) But i didn't wanna give away too much, and NO this isn't my greatest work, but still good enough to release for Free.
Every Track Is Written[except featured]/Produced/Quick Mixed by Me...
Studio Album Releases Later This Year - Sic Love

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